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Wall Sconces – Wall Lights, Wall Lamps, Sconce Lighting for interior and exterior use.

Huge selection of Wall Sconces in contemporary and traditional styles for general lighting in halls, stairways, living and dining areas etc. Also include LED walls sconces.

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247 VERANO PLC Wall Sconce
482 CUTTLE PLC Wall Sconce
540 MATRIX PLC Wall Sconce
1135 ELAN PLC Wall Sconce Light
448 SN BERMUDA PLC Bathroom Light Fixture
1271 SQUARE PLC Wall /Ceiling Light
1532 ICECUBE PLC Wall Light
2320 HUNDI PLC Wall Sconce
2330 SUMATRA PLC Wall Sconce
5112 VALENCIA PLC Wall Sconce
3412 NUOVA PLC Wall Sconce
MALTA PLC Wall Sconce
6421 DAYA PLC Wall Sconce
6443 PATRICK PLC Wall Sconce
6542 DUET PLC Wall Sconce
6559 LISETTE PLC Wall Sconce
6565 BRENTWOOD PLC Wall Sconce
6572 METZ PLC Wall Sconce
6574 PRAHA PLC Wall Sconce
7271 MEGAN PLC Wall Sconce
7527 CABANA PLC Wall Sconce
7536 LEELA PLC Wall Sconce
7544 GAIL PLC Wall Sconce
12108-PC PLC Wall Sconce
14860 HIGHLAND PLC Wall Sconce Light
18148 CORTEO PLC Wall Light
21059 AQUARIA PLC Wall Sconce Light
ENZO–I PLC Wall Sconce Light
ANCONA PLC Wall Sconce Light
36639PC PORTMAN PLC Wall Sconce
Secca PLC Bathroom Wall Light
909 POLIPO PLC Wall Sconce
932 POLIPO PLC Wall Light
936 IBEX PLC Wall Light
652 ALETA PLC Wall Sconce
1018 ESTILO PLC Wall Sconce
ALL Leucos Wall Sconce
Aspid P35 Leucos Wall Sconce
Ayers P38 Leucos Wall Sconce Light
BELT Leucos Wall Sconce Light
Bisquit P Leucos Wall Sconce
Block P Leucos Wall Sconce
Brick P Leucos Wall Sconce
CELINE P Leucos Wall Sconce
CIRCE-P Leucos Wall Sconce
Claire- Leucos Wall Sconce
Diane P Leucos Wall Sconce
Dracena P60 Leucos Wall Sconce
Endor P50 Leucos Wall Sconce
Flexa P Leucos Wall Sconce
GOLF-P1 Leucos Wall Sconce
Katerina P Leucos Wall Sconce
LOOP P Leucos Wall Sconce
Manhattan P24 Leucos Wall Sconce
MICENE-P Leucos Wall Sconce
Modulo P 35 Leucos Wall Sconce
Modulo P Leucos Wall Sconce
Modulo P- Leucos Wall Sconce
Sail 40 Leucos Wall Sconce
Sorella Leucos Wall Sconce
Todd Leucos Wall Sconce
VITTORIA-P2 Leucos Wall Sconce
VIVIA-P-19 Leucos Wall Sconce
Manhattan P53 Leucos Wall Light
Manhattan P Leucos Wall Sconce
Dune 08 Leucos Wall Sconce
BOLLA Wall/Ceiling Light - IE
ELF 11-Wall Sconce -IE
ELF Fluorescent Wall Sconce - IE
ELF2 Plus- Wall Sconce- IE
FILA - Oty Wall Sconce
ITA Wall Sconce- Oty
JEK Wall Sconce - Oty
MOKI Wall Sconce- Oty
TECOV-50 Wall/Ceiling Light - Oty
BOX Wall/Ceiling Light - Oty
MICROBOX7-Wall Sconce - Oty
MIDA P23 Wall Sconce- Oty
LK211 Wall Sconce
LK335 Wall Sconce
COLUMBA1CHR Wall Sconce-Nemo
NORMA25 Wall Sconce-Nemo
NORMA65HAL Wall Sconce-Nemo
LUNA Wall /Ceiling Light-Nemo
AB1I-W/UP-DOWN Wall Sconce-Nemo
AB1J-W/UP-DOWN Wall Sconce-Nemo
AB1A-W/WASHER Wall Sconce-Nemo
AB1C-W/WASHER Wall Sconce- Nemo
VELA1 Wall/Ceiling Light -Nemo
DONNAWALL-Wall Sconce- Nemo
CONSTELLATION17 Ceiling/Wall Light -Nemo
MEMORY A Wall Sconce-DeMajo
BELL AO Wall Sconce-DeMajo
CARRE AP Wall Sconce-DeMajo
OLYMPIA A Wall Sconce-DeMajo
OMEGA A Wall Sconce-DeMajo
TAU A Wall Sconce-DeMajo
OTTO A Wall Sconce-DeMajo
XILO A10 Wall Sconce-DeMajo
ZIP Wall Sconce- DeMajo
M10066 ASCOT Wall Sconce
M10018 Asia Wall Sconce
M176 Asteriode Wall Sconce
M4077 Canalina Wall Sconce
M2901 Kris Wall Sconce
KrisKris Wall Sconce
90214ORB Wall Sconce- Kenroy
10063ORB Endicott Wall Sconce
10181BS Encounters Wall Sconce
10192ORB Oliver Wall Sconce
31603BS Geometry Wall Sconce
72823 Burst Small Round Wall Sconce
72824 Burst Large Round Wall Sconce
72825 Burst Small Square Wall Sconce
72826 Burst Large Square Wall Sconce
80581ORB Bienville Wall Sconce
90939SIL Cilindro Wall Sconce
91391 Wynwood Wall Sconce
91551CH Nova Wall Sconce
91581BZG Whistler Wall Sconce
91601ORB Clean Slate Wall Sconce
91681PN Aerial Wall Sconce
91691CH Connery Wall Sconce
91701CH Riley Wall Sconce
91721CH Archdale Wall Sconce
91722BS Lourdes Wall Sconce
91728ORB Leigh Wall Sconce
91730CH Arpeggio Wall Sconce
91751BP Tallow Wall Sconce
91761SBZ Toronto Wall Sconce
91791BS Maxwell Wall Sconce
Elco ET548-EP816 Low Voltage Picture Light
90901BRZ Wall Sconce- Kenroy
80291MBZ Leafston Wall Sconce
92136BRZ Twigs Wall Sconce
91342WS Antoinette Wall Sconce
90451BH Kwai Wall Sconce
10541BB Wallis Wall Sconce
Adriano Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Adriano Chelsea Wall Sconce
Arenal White Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Arenal White Chelsea Wall Sconce
Arenal Black Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Arenal Black Chelsea Wall Sconce
Arenal Red Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce Light
Arenal Red Chelsea Wall Sconce Light
Belgravia White Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Belgravia White Chelsea Wall Sconce
Chelsea II Square Wall Sconce
Dakota Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Dakota Chelsea Wall Sconce
Lombardia Black Gold Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Lombardia Black Gold Chelsea Wall Sconce
Nacar Kiwi Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Nacar Kiwi Chelsea Wall Sconce
Organza Black Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
Organza Black Chelsea Wall Sconce
Etimoe Chelsea 1 Wall Sconce
ETHEN PLC Wall Sconce
7575 TETON PLC LED Wall Sconce
ELLIPSE PLC Wall Light Fixture
73014 MARS PLC Wall Sconce
73050 PC TORISON PLC Wall Sconce
73066 IVORY CASA PLC Wall Sconce
73093 PC LEOPARD PLC Wall Sconce
77742 PC NEST PLC Wall Sconce
7548 CHYNA PLC Wall Sconce
FOCUS PLC Ceiling/Wall Light Fixture
Dainolite ARU-82W-VOB 2 Light Crystal Wall Sconce

Modern and Traditional Wall Sconces - Contemporary Wall Lights

About Wall Sconces - Wall Lights in vast Variety and Styles

Wall Sconces are type of lighting fixtures which are affixed to wall. Wall lights are usually closed at the base and open at the top, have a shallow profile back plate, so light washes up the wall and onto the ceiling, where it provides gentle overall illumination, requires minimum effort for installation. It does not have a base on the ground. Wall light is used in hallways or corridors to provide both lighting and a point of interest in a long passage. Nowadays wall lights are used to brighten many walls which provide versatile illumination and supply ambient light. They have the advantage of utilizing wall space, substituting for a Floor lamp or Table lamp. Wall lights are effective at lighting passage ways, stairs or decorating the walls of living room or dining room or creating a romantic ambiance in a bedroom which creates a certain mood. Wall light is fixed to the wall and lit from inside which becomes a work of art. Wall Sconces are ideal for rooms with less floor space. They are easy to install and comes in different styles and designs, gives an elegant appeal to bathrooms and dressing areas. Adding wall light on either side of mirror or a swing arm light above the bed makes it perfect. Sometimes the wall light generates minimum light but the purpose of the fixture is to decorate and is ornamental.

Our wide category of wall lights include- PLC Wall Sconce at VGK Lighting: Hampstead Wall Sconce at VGK Lighting: and many more...

Once added wall lighting to dark hallways bring style to the area , to the game room or fireplace areas. Wall lights are one of the small items but decorative which makes a big difference enhancing an ordinary home into modern contemporary home.

More than hundred different styles and colors of glass shades from around the world, VGK Lighting offers a comprehensive selection of Wall Sconce styles. Lamp choices include incandescent, halogen and energy efficient compact fluorescent options. In addition many wall lights can be matched with pendants from our Pendant lighting category or from Chandeliers category to create a finished look with design continuity.

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