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Track Lighting - Modern Tracks & LED Lighting Fixtures, Track Lights with Line Voltage, Low Voltage, Metal Halide, Fluorescent, Single and Two Circuit Tracks

Latest Track Lighting Fixtures with great efficiency and flexibility. These systems allow you to design individual lighting layouts and aim the light where it is needed. You can easily install each track head at any point along the track for great efficiency and flexibility and are polarized to ensure proper connections.

Modern Track Lighting and LED Track Lights Info

About Track Lighting Fixtures and Flexible Rail Hanging system

How to Install Track and Lights

Find collection of Track Lights in different shapes and styles. All track heads can be used on single circuit or two-circuit track systems. We also offer a full line of track accessories that allow you to customize and configure your specific installation.

Track light section can be surface mounted or suspended from ceilings with pendant accessories. We offer three compatible systems and widest selections of Architectural track lights in low voltage and line voltage track products. Low Voltage Track Lights heads are equipped with electronic transformer. Track Lighting is used where color rendition and high resolution are desired. Precise beam control, a crisp "white' light and longer lamp life in addition to energy efficiency are just some of the benefits of using low voltage track lighting.

Line Voltage track heads do not require a transformer. VGKlighting has a complete offering of Line voltage track heads. From the simplest lamp holder to high-tech designs, these track heads can be used on one-circuit or two-circuit track systems. A complete line of accessories allow you to customize your design to meet your specific lighting needs.

Hanging Systems:

Single Circuit Track
TR 3-wire Track System Single Circuit Track is Halo compatible and is most commonly used. 3-Wire single circuit track system is fully polarized, low profile and grounded system which accommodates broad selection and exceptional styling on low and high voltage track heads. Three wire track lighting systems are rated for a maximum of 2400 watts. Easy installation and reasonable cost makes it ideal for residential and light commercial use.

Two Circuit Track TR Track System - 3 wire two circuits offers ability to operate each circuit separately. Using 2-Circuit track heads on a 2 circuit track offers ability to operate each circuit separately which provides maximum flexibility.

2 circuit track systems is designed to provide two separate circuits at 20 amps per individual circuit, providing up to 4800 watts of maximum performance. This track system is ideal for single or double switching, allowing greater control of intermittent illumination. Suitable for wide range of commercial merchandising, residential and retail applications

JR Track System 2 wire system is Juno compatible, used for special applications. 2-Wire compatibility is available on all line and low voltage track lights. JR system also offers a wide spectrum of designs and functional capabilities which assures outstanding and lasting performance.

JR system can be used in single circuit or two circuit applications.

All our track heads are constructed to fit on Single circuit or Two circuit system. Extensions

For higher ceiling applications, track heads can be ordered with an optional 18”, 24”, 36” and 48” extension rods. All track heads with extensions are made to order and will be shipped pre-assembled. Any fixture ordered with extensions are not returnable.

For slope ceiling applications a Swivel can be added to the transformer end of the fixture

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