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Jesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant

Jesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant
Jesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant
Jesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant
Jesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant
SchematicJesco QAP759 SFEAR-Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant

Item# QAP759

Product Description

SFEAR- Quick Adapt Low Voltage Pendant

Hand-Blown 2-Piece Barium-Based Lead-Free Crystal Shade
Translucent Exterior With An Opaque Center Piece

Includes:- a Quick Adapt Jack, 8' cable, socket set, hang-straight tube and Xenon Bi-Pin lamp.
Cable may be field-cut.

ETL Listed

Fits the following mounting systems which can be selected from the Matching Components Below:

May be used with Jesco Monorail Systems- (The Monorail Fixture Adapter MA-FA(sold separately) provides the connection between the Quick Adapt Pendant to the Monorail.)

Standard Track Systems- (The Standard Track Adapter MA-TA-H (sold separately) enables the use of Quick Adapt Pendants in Standard, Line Voltage H-Track Systems. Includes a 50W electronic transformer.
Dimmable with an electronic or standard incandescent dimmer.)

Canopy mounted Monopoint/Multipoint Systems- (Quick Adapt Pendants may be directly mounted onto Monopoint or Multipoint canopies, which have built-in or remote transformer options)
Dimension: Diameter: 8" Ext. / 5-1/2" Int., Height: 6" Ext. / 3-1/2" Int.
(Dimensions may vary slightly as each piece is hand-blown)

Bulb: Xenon Bi-Pin (Included)-Max Wattage: 50W

Finish: Socket Finish: CH-Chrome, SN-Satin Nickel

Glass Shade Finish: CC-Chocolate, TE-Teal, WN-Wine

Matching Components

MA-R  Jesco Low Voltage Rail


MA-EC-SN Rail End Cap


MA-CW-SN  Ceiling to Wall Connector (Conductive)


MA-I-SN Straight Connector (Conductive)


MA-I-NC-SN Straight Connector (Non-Conductive)


MA-FLX-SN  Flexible Connector (Conductive)


MA-FLX-NC-SN Flexible Connector (Non-Conductive)


MA-T-SN  T-Connector (Conductive)


MA-T-NC-SN  T- Connector (Non-Conductive)


MA-X-NC-SN  X-Connector (Non Conductive)


MA-X-SN  X-Connector (Conductive)


MA-BT-SN  Monorail Bending Tool


MA-S  Rigid Standoff for Monorail


MA-ST Rigid T-Bar Ceiling Standoff for Monorail


MA-SS06-SN  6" Sloped Ceiling Standoff for Monorail


MA-SC12-SN  12' Aircraft Cable Suspension for Monorail


MA-FASN  Fixture Adapter


MA-FE  Fixture Extension


MA-WMPF  Wall Monorail Power Feed


MA-WM  Wall Monorail Support Bracket


MA-PF1SN  Single Power Feed Canopy


MA-PF2SN Dual Power Feed Canopy


MA-PFS Power Feed Cable Extender


MA-PFWSN  Wall Mounted Power Feed


MA-PFE Power Feed Extension


MA-PFCS  Cable Suspension Power Feed Canopy


MST-12012/150E-SN  Electronic Surface Mounted Transformer 12V 150W


MST-12012/150M-SN Magnetic Surface Mounted Transformer 12V 150W


MRT-12012/300M  Magnetic Remote Transformer 12V 300W


MRT-12012/600M Magnetic Remote Transformer 12V 600W


MRT-12024/600M Magnetic Remote Transformer 24V 600W


MRT-12012/1200M Magnetic Remote Transformer 12V 1200W


MRT-12024/1200M Magnetic Remoter Transformer 24V 1200W


MRT-27712/300M Magnetic Remote Transformer 277V-12V 300W


MRT-27712/600M Magnetic Remote Transformer 277V-12V 600W


MRT-27712/600M Magnetic Remote Transformer 277V-12V 600W


QAC-1RSN Ceiling Monopoint Canopy


QAC-2R Ceiling Multipoint Canopy


QAC-3RSN  Ceiling Multipoint Canopy


QAC-4RSN Ceiling Multipoint Canopy


QAC-4SSN Ceiling Multipoint Canopy


QAC-1C Ceiling Monopoint Canopy


QAC-1C-RT Ceiling Monopoint Canopy


QAC-1C-RTH Ceiling Monopoint Canopy


QAC-3C  Ceiling Multipoint Canopy


MA-TA-H  Track Adapter