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NMT-300/C2 Magnetic Transformer, 300W Class II

Item# NMT300C2

Product Description

NMT-300/C2- 6 x 50W Magnetic Class II Transformer

Nora offers the die-hard magnetic core NMT-300/C2, which delivers all the benefits of its electronic counterpart.
It costs (and weighs) a bit more, but is a must for totally reliable performance
It’s simply hard to break or destroy
Its ultra-high saturation core accepts even the cheapest low-quality dimmer switches, saving money that would otherwise have to be invested in expensive low-voltage dimming controls
NMT-300/C2 can be placed as far away as 50' from the furthest light source.
One transformer operates up to six 50W fixtures NEC Class II protected (circuit breaker)
Approved for remote application
NEC Class II 5A breaker protection
Short circuit and overload protection
Resists spikes, surges and all other power irregularities
50' maximum distance from furthest fixture
Dimmable with standard incandescent dimmers
24 hour operation, direct sunlight capable
Rated for full load
UL Listed
Dimension: Length: 6-3/8" Width: 7" Height: 3-3/8"