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Janeiro wall or Ceiling Mount-IE

Item# Janeiro
Regular price: $99.00
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Product Description

Janeiro Wall or Ceiling Mount

Ceiling Mount - Mounts to a standard 4" octagonal junction box - field adjustable

Finishes - European, triplex, blown glass, with a smooth matte white opal finish.
Body is white painted metal with set screw mountings.
Suitable for dry and damp locations.


8.5" Diameter x 4.2"H
M330 –1x60 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M330G – 1x13 Watt GU24 Socket
M330LED – 15 Watt, 1260 Lumens, 3045K
M10050 – 1x13 Watt G24q-1 Fluorescent

10" Diameter x 4.2"H
M334 - 2x40 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M334G – 1x18 Watt GU24 Socket
M334LED - 15 Watt, 1260 Lumens, 3045K
M10051 - 1x13 Watt G24q-1 Fluorescent

12" Diameter x 4.2"H
M338 - 2x40 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M338G – 2x13 Watt GU24 Socket
M338LED - 15 Watt, 1260 Lumens, 3045K
M10052 – 1x26 Watt G24q-3 Fluorescent

14.5" Diameter x 4.2"H
M342 – 2x60 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M342G – 2x13 Watt GU24 Socket
M342LED - 15 Watt, 1260 Lumens 3045K
M10053 – 1x26 Watt G24q-3 Fluorescent

16.5" Diameter x 4.2"H
M3468 – 2x60 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M3468G – 2x13 Watt GU24 Socket
M10054 – 1x26 Watt G24q-3 Fluorescent

18.5" Diameter x 4.2"H
M346 – 2x75 Watt E26 A19 Incandescent
M346G - 2x18 Watt GU24 Socket
M10055 – 2x26 Watt G24q-3