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How to install Track and Lights

When laying out your track plan, take the following steps.
  • Measure the length of the track you will need.
  • Determine where along the track you will need power, whether at the end or somewhere along the track.
  • Select the proper track connecting units needed for your plan (T-connector, L-connector, flexible connector, etc.).
  • Select the style, finish, and quantity of track lighting fixtures you will need.
  • Keep in mind that on a track system you can add fixtures to it later if needed
All of our low and line voltage track heads are available in versions compatible with each standard, including Halo or Juno which gives us the flexibility to meet different customer demands and heads are available in a 3-Wire Single Circuit system compatible with Halo system or J-style compatible with Juno system.

Each standard differs in its connection between the fixture (the head) and the track, so while the fixtures themselves look exactly the same, it is important to choose the right fixture to match the standard of the track you have installed or plan to install.

If you are starting from scratch, we recommend the three-wire single circuit track is a standard as it is the most popular.

Track lights are a convenient and versatile way to provide task or accent lighting, directed to shine on a specific area or subject. Once the tracks are installed, adjustable fixtures may be installed or removed from the track with a simple twist. This flexibility allows you to achieve the mood or presentation you desire by simply pointing the light where you want it.

Later, you can change the presentation by redirecting the light, adding or removing fixtures.

You do not have to be an electrician to install track lighting. Many homeowners are afraid to tackle electrical projects, but the truth is that simple jobs like installing track is easy and safe if you follow a few simple rules.

Mark along the ceiling to indicate the placement of the track. You can ensure that the track runs parallel to a wall by measuring out from each end of the proposed track placement. The two measurements should be equal.

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Track is a form of system to distribute lighting depending upon your need and locating light where it is required.
Even though more than one light source is provided all of them are controlled by a single source of power.
Track System is perfect for residential and commercial use.
If you have to focus in a specific direction, then track system will solve your problem.
It contains a track head and is portable along the bar. This design is more suitable for offices or “home offices” and workshops. Fix it, move the track lights wherever you want, helps you to arrange a unique lighting scheme meeting your specific demands. Certain track fixtures can be quite attractive and even stunning. In some instances the design elements of the track fixture might be used to complement the design elements of other items in the space or even underline the decorative theme of the entire space.

Artworks, architectural features and other collections need properly focused light to enhance their details.
In addition to this, track system fully adjustable, provides general or projected light for the whole room.
Also using a pre-assembled kit, you can custom build track system utmost suitable to your specific purpose. Using available designs you can also remodel it by adding new lights to the existing track light system

Track Fixtures are available in both line voltage and low voltage.
The individual track fixtures can be positioned anywhere along the track, be swiveled or rotated while in a given position, and then aimed in any direction giving you excellent versatility.
You can also hang very attractive pendants from the track that, in turn, can give this lighting system a whole different look.

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