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How to Install Recessed Lighting?

If you're looking for the perfect ambient lighting system for your room or to highlight decorative objects, recessed lighting is the best option. You can choose from a variety of designer recessed lighting options according to your personal taste and home décor.

When it comes to installing these lights, it isn't an easy process. Hiring a professional electrician is always recommended. However, with a proper planning, you can install them yourself.

Here's the complete guide to installing a recessed lighting:

1. Tools required: Hole saw, drill, tape measure, recessed light trim, recessed light housings, and wire connectors.

2. Planning: Before you start, ask yourself these questions and plan accordingly:

a. What type of light you want: While the baffle trim recessed lights provide a full and wide beam of light, eyeball trim recessed lights allow the light to rotate and provide focus on a specific area.

b. What size you need for housing and trim: For determining what sized housing and trim you'll need, measure the hole on the ceiling. Find out if you require remodel housing or new construction one.

c. Which wiring type do you have: Find out if the wiring is aluminum or copper. Consider using wiring of the same material and thickness as the existing wire. Hire a qualified electrician to inspect if you need to replace wiring or not if it's fabric-insulated or doesn't have ground wire.

3. Security Considerations

Whenever you work with electricity:

• Turn off electricity (at the main fuse or circuit breaker box which controls power to the fixture you are working on).
• Always test the wires to check that the power is off and switch off the wall switch.
• Consult an experienced electrician whenever in doubt.
• Do not use bulbs with wattage greater than specified for this fixture.

4. Installation Process

For installing a recessed lighting, follow these steps:

1. First of all, turn off the electricity of the circuit on which you will be working.

2. Mark the locations on the ceiling for recessed lights and select locations falling between joists.

3. Now drill a hole in the ceiling at every light location with a drill and hole saw of 6-inch-diameter.

4. Pull 14/2 non-metallic electrical cable using fish tape from light hole to light hole.

5. Now you need to attach a cable connector on the light fixture to the electrical box and insert the cable into the box.

6. Next step is to strip the insulation from electrical cable's end and make the wire connections on the light fixture. Connect black wire with black wire, white with white, and bare copper with bare copper.

7. Now secure all wire connections with twist-on connectors and snap the cover back into the electrical box of the light fixture.

8. You need to push the fixture housing of light up into the hole, then press it against the ceiling.

9. Push in the 4 metal clips inside the housing and securely lock clips by tapping them with a slotted screwdriver and hammer. Repeat to install the remaining housings of the recessed light.

10. Find the electrical cable from above the ceiling that is coming from the wall switch. Connect it to the new cable hanging between the recessed lights.

11. Now make the wire connections in a new metal junction box. Don't forget to attach the box cover when you've finished making the wire connections.

12. Next, install the light fixtures into the recessed housing. For this, you need to connect the ground wire of fixture to the grounding wing nut inside the housing.

13. You need to screw the light fixtures into the socket which is located inside the housing, press the fixtures into the housing.

14. Lastly, turn on the electricity, flip on the light switch and check your work.

Following these steps can help you install the recessed lighting perfectly. So, what are you waiting for now? Visit our online store to shop best recessed lighting for your home or office to make it look pleasing and attractive.