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How to Install Monorail Lighting

Monorail lighting systems are best for illuminating those places which cannot be illuminated by traditional ceiling lights. The monorail track lighting systems are versatile in terms of usage and can be easily installed if planned out properly.

The installation will be much easier and faster if you hire an experienced, licensed lighting electrician. However, you can achieve a smooth installation with proper planning and all the right pieces.

Firstly, whenever you are working with electricity, you should always take care of these basic safety precautions:

• Read all instructions thoroughly before you begin the installation process.
• Make sure you turn off the power at the panel before you modify the system.
• Never install this system in a wet location or when the monorail lighting fixtures are six inches away from combustible materials or when the rail is extended or concealed through a building wall.

Now, follow these steps to install a monorail lighting:

1. Firstly, unpack boxes, without damaging the packages to avoid losing any small hardware piece and tearing of important instructions.

2. Now lay out the system on the floor to identify where will the individual items need to be installed.

3. Install transformer

a. For installing a remote transformer

• Ascertain transformer location
• Pull out the right wire from transformer to the canopy. While the single feed canopies need two leads, dual feed canopies need four.
• Next, install the power feed extender to canopy and install canopy at j-box

b. For installing surface transformer

• Determine the location of transformer
• Now you need to install power feed extender to the transformer
• Next, mount transformer to 120V j-box

4. The fourth step is bending and assembling rail on the floor

• Firstly, bend rail to in the shape you desire
• Now use conductive connectors to join sections of the rail. Make sure that the connections are tight.
• After that, insert and position isolating connectors into the desired places in the rail and insert end caps of the connectors into both the ends of the run.

5. Now you will need to install standoff supports

6. Next thing you need to do is to raise the rail and connect it to the power feed and standoffs. Make sure that the power connections are tight.

7. You can also shorten pendants if required.

8. Install lamps and accessories. Also, note that for 24V transformers, you will require 24V lamps.

9. Properly place elements on system and ensure tight connections.

10. Now, run the system for at least 20 minutes.

11. Lastly, turn off the system and see if any connection is hot to the touch. It is normal for halogen lamp to generate heat, but it should be warm to touch, not hot. Retighten hot connections.

This was the easiest process to install a monorail lighting system. If you are a DIY lover then go ahead with it.