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EL899(HID) 8" Metal Halide Recessed Trim

Item# EL899-HID
Regular price: $72.50
Sale price: $43.14

Product Description

8" HID Clear Open Reflector with Metal Ring

(Sold as 8" Housing and Trim Combo Models Below):

With Magnetic Ballast Housing

E8M32-899C 32W Clear Open Reflector
E8M32-899F 32W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M50-899C 50W Clear Open Reflector
E8M50-899F 50W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M70-899C 70W Clear Open Reflector
E8M70-899F 70W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M100-899C 100W Clear Open Reflector
E8M100-899F 100W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M150-899C 150W Clear Open Reflector
E8M150-899F 150W Self Flanged Reflector ______________________________________________________

With Electronic Ballast Housing

E8M32E-899C 32W Clear Open Reflector
E8M32E-899F 32W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M50E-899C 50W Clear Open Reflector
E8M50E-899F 50W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M70E-899C 70W Clear Open Reflector
E8M70E-899F 70W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M100E-899C 100W Clear Open Reflector
E8M100E-899F 100W Self Flanged Reflector

E8M150E-899C 150W Clear Open Reflector
E8M150E-899F 150W Self Flanged Reflector
Dimension: 9 1/2" diameter Trim Ring

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