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Elco EDU2 -2 Wire Line Voltage Duralight

Item# EDU2

Product Description

2 Wire Duralight (Price listed is per foot)

110V/120V Duralight Connectable up to 150 feet.
Life 30,000 hrs.
EDU2 - 2 WIRES, 120V 150 feet.(Max run is 150')

(120V 24 Bulbs in a Series)
Bulb Spacing- 1 inch
Number of Bulbs per foot- 12 Bulbs
Must only be cut between every 24 bulbs
Can be cut at 24" increments only

Colors-Clear, Red, Green, Blue

EDU2-120V 150feet Roll
Each roll includes 5 sets of power cords, power connectors, end caps, splice connectors and 50 mounting clips.